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Stevens Creek Elementary School is excited to share with you our partnership with Cupertino Education Endowment Foundation (CEEF) in helping us process our parent contributions through a centralized portal. Our hope is to have one place where our parents can make all their contributions for the school and the funds would be redirected back to the participating organization.

Simply click on an item to view the description for an item and 'Add to Cart' to contribute the recommended amount or modify your contribution.

For check payments, please make payable to CEEF. For a company match, please be sure to include our school name and use the CEEF's EIN number (77-0073617).

This partnership will allow our volunteers and staff to focus on more parent engagement and community building. Thank you for your support and generosity.

Please contact our front office if you have questions.

* While state law and Board Policy 6153 does not allow school districts to charge fees to students for educational materials/activities, our program relies on financial contributions from participating families. Please know that making a donation for the requested activities or supplemental materials are not required. However, it will help sustain our program at its current level. If funding is not raised, these supplemental items or activities may be cancelled.  " student will be excluded from participation because of a lack of sufficient funds.

Products and Donations